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The core team currently consists of experienced physiotherapists. In addition, our team is supplemented by freelance, cooperating and assisting staff from the fields of podiatry, wellness (masseurs and medical pool attendants), orthopedic technology and specialists for naturopathic treatment.

Halil Senpinar
Halil Senpinar
Managing director and physiotherapist

Short CV Halil Senpinar

licensed sports physiotherapist of the German Olympic Sports Federation
and official member of the medical team of the DLV national team

Basic education

  • 2 ½ years Orthopedic University Clinic Cologne

  • 3 years private teaching institute for physiotherapy in Ortenau

Further training

  • manual therapy (Kaltenborn-Evjenth concept)

  • PNF (I-PNF Certificate)

  • neurological physiotherapy

  • manual lymph drainage

  • acupuncture massage according to Penzel

  • Marnitz therapy

  • medical training therapy

  • Master Diploma Chirotherapy after Dr. Ackermann (in Stockholm)

  • skull acupuncture after Professor Yamamoto (in Japan)

  • homoeosinatry and homotoxicology seminars at the IGHH

  • orthomolecular medicine

  • shockwave therapy

  • various further training courses (USA, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, etc.)

  • support of various top athletes (champions league and national teams)

  • Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Kältekammer CryoSpace Med
  • Medizinische Trainingstherapie - 3D-SpaceCurl
  • Fokussierte Stoßwellentherapie
  • Radiale Stoßwellentherapie Behandlung

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday on request



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