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Surgical aftercare & rehabilitation

Targeted, preparatory training measures should be carried out before planned operations. Deposits and tissue adhesions can be loosened in advance and thus simplify the course of the operation. In addition, the healing process can be shortened because the vascular supply has already been improved in advance. If the blood circulation and metabolic supply is optimal, this will have a positive accelerating effect on the entire recovery process.

  • Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Biomechanische Stimulation (BMS) (Vibrationssystem)
  • Isokinetische Komplettstation (offene Kette) der neusten Generation mit Wirbelsäulenadapter
  • Isokinetik Test- und Trainingsstation in geschlossener Kette mit Betreuung
  • Isokinetik Test- und Trainingsstation in geschlossener Kette
  • Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Biomechanische Stimulation (Vibrationssystem)

An optimal preparation time before an operation is 1-3 months, depending on the operation and the patient’s condition.

After the operation, the healing process takes place in classic and natural stages of inflammation (different wound healing phases). Depending on the stage of wound healing, the treatments must be adapted and customized for the patient.

We work out a solution for you that is individually adapted to your needs and situation. Both before the surgical procedure and afterwards.

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The core team currently consists of experienced physiotherapists. In addition, our team is supplemented by freelance, cooperating and assisting staff from the fields of podiatry, wellness (masseurs and medical pool attendants), orthopedic technology and specialists for naturopathic treatment.

Halil Senpinar
Halil Senpinar
Managing director and physiotherapist

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