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Check-up analysis

Everyone would avoid surgery if possible.

80% of the total population suffer from discomfort in the back, muscles or joints.

90% of all resulting operations, such as for example, herniated discs or the use of artificial joints could be avoided if the cause was detected in good time and treated accordingly. It is not enough just to eliminate the pain – the cause must be found. That’s what we specialize in.

Every pain has a reason, but finding its cause is not always easy or immediately obvious. Before we discuss the course of treatment with you, we therefore carry out an examination according to the principle of the ascending and descending cause-sequence chain.

  • Isokinetik Test- und Trainingsstation in geschlossener Kette
  • Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Biomechanische Stimulation (Vibrationssystem)
  • Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Biomechanische Stimulation (BMS) (Vibrationssystem)
  • 3D-Dopplersonographie (Ultraschalldarstellung bei Muskelverletzungen)
  • 3D-Dopplersonographie (Ultraschalldarstellung bei Muskelverletzungen) Darstellung

Example of an Ascending Causes-Sequence Chain

A buckling, flat foot or splayfoot causes incorrect loading of the knee (e.g. meniscus problems). This leads to a relieving posture and a changed gait pattern. As a result, the hip joints on the right and left are incorrectly loaded, the pelvis can twist and the position of the lumbar vertebra can change. This results in a malposition of the spine and painful muscle tension.

Example of a descending cause-sequence chain

A malposition and/or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint or dentures leads to dysfunctions in the cervical spine and in the shoulder-neck area. Then the spine adapts to the blockage and reacts, among other things, with a pelvic obliquity. This leads to a different gait pattern, although there is no difference in leg length and no insoles or shoe elevations would be necessary.

We therefore perform a check-up analysis of the entire musculoskeletal system at the highest level. This is a systematic examination of the entire support and movement system (spine and joints) and includes the diagnosis of walking according to orthopedic aspects.

For a comprehensive result we use further examination techniques:

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  • 4D gait analysis and diagnostics

  • isokinetic whole-body testing systems (performance diagnostics for muscles: muscle strength measurement)

  • Inspection and functional examination of the support and musculoskeletal system

  • Ultrasonic diagnostics on the support and musculoskeletal system with the latest color-doppler sonography

  • Breath performance test

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