Project Description

Medical training therapy

After the performance and entrance test, your health and fitness status can be assessed and the plan for a medical training can be prepared by us.

  • Training Phase 1: Orientation phase
    General and global build-up training to achieve a previously defined fitness level to eliminate pronounced muscular imbalances and use this as a basis for further steps.

  • Training Phase 2: Build-up phase
    In our facilities, you will train on the most modern therapeutic training equipment, which is currently only offered by leading manufacturers and whose development status is based on the latest findings in sports medicine.

  • PNF training
    For a meaningful interaction of muscles and joints, the stimulus generation and transmission in the muscular system must function perfectly.
    We therefore offer our patients PNF training on the 3D cable pulley in different variations. The neuromuscular interaction used here, such as “pressure-resistance” or “stretch-tension”, integrates all the senses of the body and thus creates muscle relaxation. Mobility, motor skills, strength and endurance can thus be achieved effectively and with rapid results.

  • individual physiotherapy

  • Back school in one-on-one session
    Do you suffer from back pain again and again? Mostly even at the same place and depending on the different strain the pain gets stronger and weaker?
    Back-specific movement sequences can be trained by building up muscles and promoting mobility.
    We train with you, give you advice for exercises at home and work with you to reduce your problems and prevent new pain. You will also learn to perform everyday movements in a way that is as gentle on your joints and muscles as possible.

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Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday on request



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