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Pain therapy

Through our comprehensive check-up analysis for ascending and descending causes-sequence chain, we find out the cause of your pain and start treatment at the cause by therapeutic measures to [ . . . ]



Electrotherapy, often called stimulation current or fine current therapy, is used to treat affected body regions with the help of controlled current impulses. Equal or alternating currents flow through the body or [ . . . ]


Laser therapy

The laser's light energy can stimulate cell metabolism and have a positive effect on pain and healing processes. The effects of laser therapy include: cell stimulation, improvement of [ . . . ]


Manual therapies

Manual medicine includes everything that is done with the hands of the therapist on the patient's body. In our practice we offer the following treatments: chirotherapy and chiropractic, manual joint mobilization [ . . . ]



During treatment and therapy, we recommend, also in consultation with specialists, individually composed complex homeopathics, vital substances (orthomolecular medicine), ointments and naturopathic preparations [ . . . ]

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