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Cryotherapy and heat therapy

Cryotherapy and cryostimulation are safe treatments in which the entire body is subjected to immediate controlled cooling that activates the natural potential of the human organism to recover. The body is effectively stimulated to restore and maintain its biological balance.

Whole-body cold therapy was originally developed in Japan and is considered one of the most effective physical therapies for rheumatic diseases. Many studies have proven its positive effects on the inflammatory process, pain sensation and mobility of patients.

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CryoSpace Med®

In high-performance sports, the method is scientifically proven to be successful in increasing performance and regeneration. Medically, it strengthens the immune system, fights inflammation, serves as a prophylaxis or alleviation of back pain and fights the general state of exhaustion by inducing hormone release. In addition, ice sauna has a mitigating effect on acne, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and even increases calorie consumption, because the organism has to run at full speed to keep the body temperature at 37°C.

In CryoSpace Med® the body surface is exposed to extremely low temperatures (down to minus 180°C) for about 2-3 minutes. However, due to the dry cold, generated by nitrogen, it is perceived as less cold and is therefore very well tolerated.

During these 3 minutes, but also in the hours after due to the afterburning effect, the body boosts its metabolism, as the protective mechanism in the body has been stimulated. The production of new cells and detoxification are stimulated, and endorphin is released, giving the user a pleasant feeling of happiness.

Possible areas of application include:

  • rheumatic diseases

  • sports injuries

  • collagenosis (connective tissue disease)

  • neurodermatitis

Infrared cabin with hyperthermia effect

In the infrared cabin, heat is transferred to the skin without contact, so that the core body temperature can slowly rise and blood circulation can be stimulated. A warming from the inside to the outside takes place, the metabolism is stimulated and a purification process is initiated. This fever-like mechanism strengthens the immune system and thus prevents diseases.

Physikalische und apparative Medizin - Thermotherapien - Infrarotsauna mit Hyperthermieeffekt

Natural moor

It takes between 10,000 and 15,000 years until natural moorland is created that can be used for healing purposes. Then it contains important ingredients like humic acids, salicylic acid, minerals, trace elements and hormone-like substances. During a mud bath, for example, the mud acts on the deep muscles, creates an artificial slight fever and thus mobilizes the body’s self-healing powers.

For which complaints natural moor is suitable:

  • Shoulder arm syndrome

  • Spinal column alteration

  • Osteoporosis

  • Arthrosis

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic PolyarthritisDis

  • Bechterew’s disease

  • Skin diseases

  • Psoriasis

  • Diseases of the bile ducts, liver, intestine or stomach

  • Diseases of the urinary tract

  • Kidney damage

  • Gynaecological and prostate problems

Salzgrotte Raum 3 - Naturmoorpackung

Ice rubs

Ice rubbing increases the blood supply to the affected tissue and ultimately leads to muscular relaxation. Sensitive nerves, which conduct the pain, are irritated and a breakthrough of the existing pain takes place.

  • for pain reduction in acute injuries and inflammatory joints

  • tendon sheath irritation

  • achillodynia

  • to reduce or increase muscle tension

  • to improve local metabolism

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