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Radial and focused shock wave therapy

A widespread form of the disease is chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. Trigger points, shoulder, heel or elbow problems are often the trigger. With these pain syndromes, a significant improvement of the symptoms can be achieved in a short time with the focused shock wave.

What happens during shock wave therapy?

Short, powerful, electromagnetically generated sound pressure waves penetrate deep into the tissue and cause a desired degree of irritation of the diseased areas. This stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism and can contribute to pain relief and a faster healing process. The release of the body’s own anti-inflammatory substances is stimulated and an activation and improvement of the cellular defense is achieved. This can often prevent surgery.

Overview of the proven indications:

  • tennis elbow

  • golfer’s elbow

  • calcified shoulder

  • trigger point therapy

  • pseudarthrosis

  • Trochanter pain syndrome

  • Patella tip syndrome

  • Medial tibia stress syndrome

  • Fasciitis Plantaris

  • Tendinopathies of the Achilles tendon

Unfortunately, shock wave therapies are not always carried out professionally enough due to a lack of expertise and therefore do not achieve any results or in the worst case even unnecessary irritation and bruising. We have been working successfully with focused and radial extracorporeal shock waves for years, have a valuable amount of experience and regularly pass this on to doctors and therapists in training sessions and lectures ourselves.

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