It has been known for thousands of years that sea salt has a healthy effect – also on the respiratory tract. Especially the salt extracted from the Dead Sea enriches the air more than ordinary mountain salt because of its high solubility. Experience this effect in the sea salt grotto of Salina GmbH in Baden-Baden, which consists entirely of Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt. The walls are made of natural salt bricks and the floor and ceiling are made of a thick layer of salt.

The salts in the air of the Salina sea salt cave create a microclimate that has a positive effect on the organism. Every breath provides valuable minerals and trace elements, which are important for the body. Through a special ventilation technique and the use of special generators, an additional dry fogging almost in nanoparticle size is created, which reaches the deepest areas of the lungs. The salt content in the air is many times higher than in the North Sea without causing over-irritation.

Healthy through salts

To achieve an optimal health effect, a 45-minute stay in the Salina sea salt cave is recommended. Dressed normally, you will rest at a pleasant 25 to 26°C in comfortable deck chairs, listening to the sounds and enjoying the soft light. Already after 8 to 10 stays in the Salina sea salt cave a considerable improvement of your health condition can be achieved. Every stay in the Salina sea salt grotto refreshes, regenerates and can be as effective as several days at the sea. If you would like to integrate a short vacation into your everyday life, then register here without obligation.

In addition to a stay, energetic, Ayurvedic and salt peeling massages in the Salina Sea Salt Grotto can be booked. Make an appointment with us.

Sound meditations, Chi Gong, Yoga, breathing exercises and, if desired, individual breathing exercises take place at regular intervals in the Salina Sea Salt Grotto. The salt cave can also be used for training with exercise equipment.

You can experience the beneficial and healthy effects on your own body, e.g. with:

  • asthma

  • allergies, e.g. hay fever

  • breathing problems and chronic and acute diseases of the airways and mucous membranes

  • neurodermatitis and other skin diseases

  • Burn-out syndrome or acute stress

Our visitors also described the following beneficial effects, among others:

  • optimal deep relaxation

  • relaxation of the immune system and improved infection

  • increase of the concentration ability

  • bodily and mental regeneration

Our 3 salt caves

  • Salt cave 1: for adults, absolute peace and relaxation

  • Salt cave 2: for families and children, here you can play with salt

  • Salt cave 3: for salt peelings or ayurvedic massages
  • Salzgrotte 3 Steg
  • Salzgrotte 3 beleuchteter Steg
  • Salzgrotte 3 Kristall
  • Salzgrotte 3 Salzkristalle

Make an appointment with us

If you have any questions about our treatment options, please call us. We will be happy to advise you and are looking forward to helping you further.